Thursday, 15 December 2011


for humans that were created to be 'free thinking' why do we lack the ability to easily make decisions ourselves?
It seems that in everything we do, we ask the opinions of other people, even though, the chances are they have even less of an idea than you do. But we often rely on their opinions as well as our own, which makes no sense. If we truly had our own freedom of thought we wouldn't be as influential as we are.

Often people deny being influenced by other people, events etc. But I don't believe that there is one single person on this whole planet that hasn't followed someone else in one way or another or hasn't changed/wished to change because something has subconsciously or even consciously persuaded them to.

This shows through advertising and the way we can be so easily manipulated into wanting a product and how we can be distracted from our true desires and tricked into forgetting what we hate.

so many things in life distinguish someone's personality however someone's life dictates there personality sometimes, as the people we meet, things we do, things we see through our lives make up our personality therefore it's an illusion of a person and what they have done with their life rather than  the actual traits of the person themselves that show.

Some people say there is a difference between following what you head wants and what you heart wants and that its best to follow your heart through life. personally I think that if everyone followed there heart we would all be a load of uneducated, unhealthy and overweight people, as if every time my alarm goes of at 7.30 each morning I followed my heart, I wouldn't have moved and would miss the majority of my lectures and I'm sure many people can relate to that.

Everyday we are promoted to, influenced by something or someone, told what to do, told what we need to do with our lives, told how to survive, judged and manipulated. is it any wonder were forgetting how to make our own choices?

Tuesday, 29 November 2011


this came across my mind when me and one of my friends were discussing one of our lectures..... ummmm

Many people would agree that attraction is a mix between someone's looks and personality. 
but its clear to see there is a opaque line between the two because we are often, at times attracted to people before we have even crossed words with them for example images we see in magazines and other formats, or  someone we walk passed etc. 

This could be different for everybody,  as corny as it the phrase sounds 'beauty lies within the beholder' raises many questions, i think its true in some cases but it others it stands for nothing as much as we hate to admit it, there is a difference between what we as a species class as beautiful and what we don't. 
On a smaller scale I agree with this, as everybody has a 'type' but just because someone doesn't fall into this category doesn't mean they are unattractive, they just aren't as attractive as someone you may see that falls into your personal category.

But when it comes to personality i think these categories collapse, creating an attraction to someone the opposite of what your into also making the attraction stronger to this particular person, if they have a certain charm that you instantly click towards that person will become physically more attractive to you personally. 

I'm not saying looks aren't important in attraction because that's what its all about, but i think there is a stronger attraction when it comes to someone being  insanely good looking to you  and personality is a bonus that makes a huge difference. 
This has no actual meaning. just thought I'd put it out there. 

Monday, 28 November 2011

whether you like it or not, this is our sex education.

this is the title of a song written by the king blues, one of my favourite bands because of there interesting lyrics. 
this got me thinking about what the future generation will think is acceptable when it comes to sex. 

we all remember the days in secondary school when the sex education lessons caused us to chuckle to ourselves, but now I can't help but to realize that young teenagers are wanting/thinking about sex too young, and are being educated in the worst way possible, through videos and pictures they are seeing online. 

Teachers and parents are no-longer educating children about sex, at such an influential age they think what there seeing online, often  meaningless, brutal and abusive sex is the norm. is there any wonder that the 21st century has brought such an increase in sexual abuse, with the de-sensitisation caused by these images. 

I think some of the images need to be much more censored amongst children, some people may argue that in the future they may see these images anyway, but there needs to more of an understanding of sex before young people have access to these websites. 

'Now no pop-up books and no blushing teacher
No parents and no angry preacher
No cartoons and no diagram
Just fifteen girls and one lucky man' 


It has to be said, there is an aspect of conspiracy in everything we do, recently in my life there's been a so much talk about corruption that thinking about its driving me insane, as much as it would anyone.
to the point that I don't think its even worth thinking about.

I mean, conspiracy theorists must have convince themselves of things so much to actually create any truth/evidence of them, for example to actually believe that 9/11 was set up due to an excessive increase in population surely sounds ridiculous? but some of the information on the net is so convincing its hard not to believe it without genuine common sense. surely construction companies would have something to say when asked to place 15 or bombs in a 1450 ft building?

other people claimed they saw the face of the devil in one of the smoke clouds, from my personal opinion and in the nicest way suitable this is complete and utter - bull shit, but that's not the point, some people seriously believe this was true, watch this space ---

with all respect, if the worlds population was getting so out of control that it needed to be taken to this degree,
the fatalities that occurred are very small in comparison to the whole world.

I do believe there's some corruptness in society that is absolutely  vile, but its nothing we don't know about and is something that should be acted upon, however there are also many people that are afraid to speak out, which is understandable in some situations. making the chances of our world ever being moral slim to none,  my main point being that why do people spend so much time looking and unlocking hidden conspiracies rather than trying to put an end to the ones that are plainly in front our eyes?


people read into things so much its difficult for anything to be simple.
why do we care what people think about us so much? it seems that often in life the majority of the things we do are to please and keep other people happy. 
from our looks, style, diet, opinions often our first thoughts when doing these things are what another person will think of them.  Not what we think about ourselves, insecurity is about being unhappy in the skin your in, or is it about the anxiousness of what other people will think about you and how they will react to you based upon these things, not just aloud but in their own thoughts. 
people see the reactions to other people being positive therefore become envious that the reaction to them may be different, causing insecurity. 
I think the best epidemic would be for everyone to realise that everyone’s is different and there’s no way in hell you can please everyone. so quit trying. be selfish. be selfless. believe your amazing. because you are.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Anybody out there

is such a good book, it started off my love affair with Marian Keys and admittedly still gives me goosebumps at the thought of it.

It's a beautiful story that i would advise to anyone, even my boyfriend was asking for regular updates.

No publication has ever made me so emotional!

Goodnight <3

post wedding

Don't understand why anyone would complain that pauls wedding party was tooo loud,  personally  would just order t be alowed in!
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