Monday, 28 November 2011


people read into things so much its difficult for anything to be simple.
why do we care what people think about us so much? it seems that often in life the majority of the things we do are to please and keep other people happy. 
from our looks, style, diet, opinions often our first thoughts when doing these things are what another person will think of them.  Not what we think about ourselves, insecurity is about being unhappy in the skin your in, or is it about the anxiousness of what other people will think about you and how they will react to you based upon these things, not just aloud but in their own thoughts. 
people see the reactions to other people being positive therefore become envious that the reaction to them may be different, causing insecurity. 
I think the best epidemic would be for everyone to realise that everyone’s is different and there’s no way in hell you can please everyone. so quit trying. be selfish. be selfless. believe your amazing. because you are.

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