Monday, 28 November 2011


It has to be said, there is an aspect of conspiracy in everything we do, recently in my life there's been a so much talk about corruption that thinking about its driving me insane, as much as it would anyone.
to the point that I don't think its even worth thinking about.

I mean, conspiracy theorists must have convince themselves of things so much to actually create any truth/evidence of them, for example to actually believe that 9/11 was set up due to an excessive increase in population surely sounds ridiculous? but some of the information on the net is so convincing its hard not to believe it without genuine common sense. surely construction companies would have something to say when asked to place 15 or bombs in a 1450 ft building?

other people claimed they saw the face of the devil in one of the smoke clouds, from my personal opinion and in the nicest way suitable this is complete and utter - bull shit, but that's not the point, some people seriously believe this was true, watch this space ---

with all respect, if the worlds population was getting so out of control that it needed to be taken to this degree,
the fatalities that occurred are very small in comparison to the whole world.

I do believe there's some corruptness in society that is absolutely  vile, but its nothing we don't know about and is something that should be acted upon, however there are also many people that are afraid to speak out, which is understandable in some situations. making the chances of our world ever being moral slim to none,  my main point being that why do people spend so much time looking and unlocking hidden conspiracies rather than trying to put an end to the ones that are plainly in front our eyes?

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