Monday, 28 November 2011

whether you like it or not, this is our sex education.

this is the title of a song written by the king blues, one of my favourite bands because of there interesting lyrics. 
this got me thinking about what the future generation will think is acceptable when it comes to sex. 

we all remember the days in secondary school when the sex education lessons caused us to chuckle to ourselves, but now I can't help but to realize that young teenagers are wanting/thinking about sex too young, and are being educated in the worst way possible, through videos and pictures they are seeing online. 

Teachers and parents are no-longer educating children about sex, at such an influential age they think what there seeing online, often  meaningless, brutal and abusive sex is the norm. is there any wonder that the 21st century has brought such an increase in sexual abuse, with the de-sensitisation caused by these images. 

I think some of the images need to be much more censored amongst children, some people may argue that in the future they may see these images anyway, but there needs to more of an understanding of sex before young people have access to these websites. 

'Now no pop-up books and no blushing teacher
No parents and no angry preacher
No cartoons and no diagram
Just fifteen girls and one lucky man' 

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