Tuesday, 29 November 2011


this came across my mind when me and one of my friends were discussing one of our lectures..... ummmm

Many people would agree that attraction is a mix between someone's looks and personality. 
but its clear to see there is a opaque line between the two because we are often, at times attracted to people before we have even crossed words with them for example images we see in magazines and other formats, or  someone we walk passed etc. 

This could be different for everybody,  as corny as it the phrase sounds 'beauty lies within the beholder' raises many questions, i think its true in some cases but it others it stands for nothing as much as we hate to admit it, there is a difference between what we as a species class as beautiful and what we don't. 
On a smaller scale I agree with this, as everybody has a 'type' but just because someone doesn't fall into this category doesn't mean they are unattractive, they just aren't as attractive as someone you may see that falls into your personal category.

But when it comes to personality i think these categories collapse, creating an attraction to someone the opposite of what your into also making the attraction stronger to this particular person, if they have a certain charm that you instantly click towards that person will become physically more attractive to you personally. 

I'm not saying looks aren't important in attraction because that's what its all about, but i think there is a stronger attraction when it comes to someone being  insanely good looking to you  and personality is a bonus that makes a huge difference. 
This has no actual meaning. just thought I'd put it out there. 

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