Thursday, 15 December 2011


for humans that were created to be 'free thinking' why do we lack the ability to easily make decisions ourselves?
It seems that in everything we do, we ask the opinions of other people, even though, the chances are they have even less of an idea than you do. But we often rely on their opinions as well as our own, which makes no sense. If we truly had our own freedom of thought we wouldn't be as influential as we are.

Often people deny being influenced by other people, events etc. But I don't believe that there is one single person on this whole planet that hasn't followed someone else in one way or another or hasn't changed/wished to change because something has subconsciously or even consciously persuaded them to.

This shows through advertising and the way we can be so easily manipulated into wanting a product and how we can be distracted from our true desires and tricked into forgetting what we hate.

so many things in life distinguish someone's personality however someone's life dictates there personality sometimes, as the people we meet, things we do, things we see through our lives make up our personality therefore it's an illusion of a person and what they have done with their life rather than  the actual traits of the person themselves that show.

Some people say there is a difference between following what you head wants and what you heart wants and that its best to follow your heart through life. personally I think that if everyone followed there heart we would all be a load of uneducated, unhealthy and overweight people, as if every time my alarm goes of at 7.30 each morning I followed my heart, I wouldn't have moved and would miss the majority of my lectures and I'm sure many people can relate to that.

Everyday we are promoted to, influenced by something or someone, told what to do, told what we need to do with our lives, told how to survive, judged and manipulated. is it any wonder were forgetting how to make our own choices?

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